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Heyco® Push-In Threaded Plugs

Heyco® Push-In Threaded Plugs
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Heyco® Push-In Threaded Plugs – For SAE and NPT Threaded Ports

  • Offer the convenience of a push-in plug with the plugging quality of a threaded plug.
  • Available with or without convenient Pull Tab for easy removal.

Heyco® TEMPlugs™ – For NPT Threaded Ports

Temporary Threaded Plugs for In-House Pressure Testing, Handling, and Transport

  • Not intended for permanent applications; commonly used for low-pressure testing and in-plant processing.
  • Keep contaminants and moisture from threaded ports.
  • Oil and heat resistant up to 250°F.
  • Applicable Spec: MIL-C-5501/5, NAS 840.

Heyco® Part Numbers:
9680, 9681, 9682, 9682T, 9683, 9683T, 9684, 9684T, 9685, 9686, 9686T, 9687, 9687T, 9688, 9688T,
G5440, G5441, G5442, G5443, G5444, G5449, G5450, G5451, G5452, G5455, G5456, G5457, G5458, G5459

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