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Heyco® Nytye® Nylon Cable Ties

Heyco® Nytye® Nylon Cable Ties
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Heyco® Nytye® Nylon Cable Ties

  • Smooth, radiused edges ensure that Nytyes won’t cut into the cable’s insulation–or the installer’s hand.
  • One-piece design reduces cost and installation time.
  • Nytyes feature a bent tip for ease of pickup and insertion around small bundles. V-shaped raised ridges on the tip provide a sure grip.
  • Nylon 12 cable ties are weather/UV resistant and suitable for high moisture, corrosive and low temperature indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Close, evenly spaced teeth permit fine adjustment–from .025˝ (0,6 mm) on the smallest Nytyes to .063˝ (1,6 mm) on the largest.
  • Standard UV Black Nytyes are available in 100 packs; add -P to Part No.; eg. 13140B-P.
  • Compliant with MS3367 and MIL-S-23190E.
  • These parts are not covered under Heyco’s Solar Warranty.

Heyco® Part Numbers:
13100, 13100B, 13102, 13102B, 13105, 13105B, 13107, 13107B, 13108, 13108B, 13111, 13111B,
13120, 13120B, 13121, 13121B, 13122, 13122B, 13123, 13123B, 13124, 13124B, 13126, 13126B,
13128, 13128B, 13129, 13129B, 13130, 13130B, 13134, 13134B, 13140, 13140B, 13142, 13142B,
13143, 13143B, 13145, 13145B, 13147, 13147B, 13149, 13149B, 13151, 13151B, 13153, 13153B,
13155, 13155B, 13156, 13156B, 13158, 13158B, 13160, 13160B, 13340B, 13340B-P, 13342B,
13342B-P, 13343B, 13343B-P, 13344B, 13344B-P, 13346B, 13346B-P

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