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Heyco-Flex™ I Female Conduit Adapters

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Heyco-Flex™ I Female Conduit Adapters

For Heyco Liquid Tight Cordgrips and other NPT Hub Components

  • Cement onto HF1 Conduit and convert the rough cut end into an NPT threaded hub.
  • Allow for the installation of Heyco Liquid Tight Cordgrips as well as other NPT hub parts, onto the end of Heyco-Flex I Conduit.
  • Solar App: The solar installer can run PV conductors through a Heyco Solar Masthead/Heyco Flex I assembly, using a Female Conduit Adapter, from the roof to the field level inverter.
  • Material PVC
  • Certifications Listed under Underwriters’ Laboratories File E121096
  • Certified by Canadian Standards Association File 233010
  • Flammability Rating VW1
  • Temperature Range -.4°F (-18°C) to 167°F (75°C)
Heyco-Flex™ I Female Conduit Adapters

Heyco® Part Numbers:
8658, 8659, 8660, 8661, 8662, 8663

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